Broken Ministers

What a beautiful thing to sit in a mentored ministry class…The room is full of broken people. Recovering porn addicts, recovering drug addicts, survivors of abuse, 2 former correctional officers, a psychologist, and me…Me in the midst of my struggles with depression, body image and past mistakes.

Yet here we all are teaching each other about how to minister to those traditionally looked on as “outside the church”. Ministering in brokenness…Jesus was the only perfect child of God, because we can’t be.

How do we bring the outsider in? By recognizing that their brokenness may be different, but no worse or better than mine. We need to stop expecting people to “act Christian” before they even come into Church.

One thought on “Broken Ministers”

  1. It is so refreshing to reflect on the “humanness” of people serving in ministry rather than on their “perfection”. It is the grace of God that redeems us, call us, and equips us for service and that grace works through our own brokenness and past mistakes!

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